Scary maze game 100 unlocked

Dec 1, 2010. Most Popular Files At Scary games | Scary game now | Scary maze games You are. Collect keys, unlock exciting new bonus challenges. Feb 22, 2016. One of the easier scary maze games, despite the name. Have a try? Volume up, Headphones on, Sit tight and Enjoy. Use mouse to play. Scary Maze 100 is a very casual maze game at first. Tell a friend to play it with you. Play through the entire game, then at the end you will be surprised by a very  . Oct 3, 2013. This is just another variant of same old pop up scary game coming from 666gamer. It seems as if developers are competing each other who's . Aug 8, 2016. WARNING [PLEASE READ] •There is some creepy music and a jumpscare so if you are not into that sort of thing, I highly advise you to leave .. .